Should My Spouse Be Talking To His Cell More Than He Does To Me?

Life is very different now than it was twenty-five years ago. In the early 80’s and 90’s, it was not possible to communicate with people another instantly, as it is today. As a result, our entire way of thinking was on a completely different track.

I have often seen how the cell phone becomes a way of life for some people, a means of keeping up with all their activities and friends. In many cases, the cell phone has replaced the one-on-one relationships within the family that used to form simply by virtue of the fact that people were spending more time together without the presence of “outsiders.” Perhaps some people are using the cell phone to find satisfaction they are not getting within their own family unit.

We need to take a giant step back and make a chesbon nefesh – as individuals and as a community. We should analyze the direction in which we’re heading. As I was growing up heard the old saying, “Take the time to smell the roses.” Today, that adage rings true in my ears especially with the cell phones taking over people’s lives. It’s very easy to pass through this world not noticing, and taking for granted, everything that Hashem prepared for our enjoyment.

When a spouse has concerns about his/her spouse spending too much time with the cell phone, the complaint is very valid. However, without knowing more about the relationship, it’s very hard to give a definite answer. In general, if a couple wishes to sustain and maintain a happy and healthy marriage, they should spend more quality time without electronic devices. The result will be an emotional and spiritual connection, wireless and free.