Women & The Home


(Adapted from Rabbi Eli Mansour’s “Daily Halachah and edited by Rabanit K. Sarah Cohen)
The root of the Hebrew term used to refer to Jewish law is, halachah. Halachah...

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Shalom Bayit

This section is for women over the age of 20 or those already engaged.
Shalom Bayit is a key concept in traditional Jewish marriage. Literally meaning peace...

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Chinuch Ha'yeladim

In this generation where there seems to be a large gap between parents and children, you can learn to bridge that gap and help your child...

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Weekly Question

Do you have a question about life, Judaism, Hashem, Torah or any personal matter? In this section you can ask your question...

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A Jewish woman spends a lot of her time in the kitchen. Need a good recipe? In this section you can pick up a few recipes that will...

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Kisuy Rosh

Many women wonder about the mitzvah of Kisuy Rosh – the halachot, the minhagim, the controversy vis a vis the world of sheitels...

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The power of tefilah belongs to the world of the woman. You have the power to reach the Throne of Glory with your prayers...

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Hafrashat Challah

A woman is the holy caterer of Hashem and the kitchen is the one place where she can transform a material item into spiritual sustenance...

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