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We are pleased to offer the opportunity of private classes with Rabanit K. Sara Cohen!

At Ohel Sara, we recognize the advancements of modern technology and are using them le’shem shamayim in order to spread Torah to women all over the world. Click on the demo presentation below to find out more information on how the private classes with the Rabanit work and how you could enhance your Torah studies and take them to a whole new level.

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BEREISHIT (5 Part Series)

Part 1
The Beginning (Gan Eden)  -  Free Will vs. Mitzvot -  The Dynamics & Strategies Of The Satan -  Battling The Yetzer  -  Free Will vs. G-d’s Will
Number of Sessions: 7
Cost: $325

Part 2
The First Murder In History That Leads To The Tragedy Of Noach and the Mabul
Number of Sessions: 5
Cost: $325

Part 3-A (Mystical Side Of Bereishit)
Why the Torah began with the letter Bet and ends with the letter "Mem." - The secret of the lower waters and the higher waters that cried out to Hashem amid their creation - The secret of the moon and its diminishment - Why is a woman exempt from the mitzvah of being fruitful and multiplying? - The two "yuds" that appear in the word, "Vayitzer - and Hashem created," and the secret lessons of these two yuds and how they apply to our life.
Number of Sessions: 5
Cost: $360

Part 3-B (Mystical Side Of Bereishit)
The mechanism of the woman and how it is related to her connection with a man - The "operation" Hashem made on Adam when He created the woman from his flesh - The "rib/side" Hashem used to fashion the woman - what is it and what is its secret? - "Arumim," - the real meaning of nakedness - The Great Rebellion between the neshamah and the body
Number of Sessions: 5
Cost: $360

Part 3-C (Mystical Side Of Bereishit)
The secret of why Hashem removed the legs from the nachash - The secret of how the yetzer hara and malach hamavet were created from the sin of the Etz Ha'daat - The secret of the clothing Hashem fashioned for Adam and Chavah - Who was Chanoch really and who did he become?
Number of Sessions: 5
Cost: $360

Days of creation – The seventh day – Melachah vs. work – Women & Shabat – The power of Shabat – Shabat foods & Their significance - Shabat & Teshuvah
Number of Sessions: 7
Cost: $380

Learn the weekly parshah on a deep level through the eyes of various mefarshim
Number of Sessions: 4 Week Increments
Cost: $225

Learn deep insights concerning the chagim that grace our calendar.
Chanukah - Purim - Pesach - Shavuot
Number of Sessions: 4
Cost: $250

Walk through the pages of history and discover the fascinating and mystical world of the Ari Ha’kadosh and his wonders.
Number of Sessions: 5
Cost: $325

Modeh Ani – Birkot Ha’Shachar – Key tefilot in Pesukei De’zimrah - Hallel - Key tefilot in Shmonei Esrei & Aleynu
Number of Sessions: 7
Cost: $325

Science & Medical Facts - Secrets of the waters – Secret of the counting 7 clean Days – Nature & the woman – The Rivers Of Gan Eden - Mystical View
Number of Sessions: 8
Cost: $400 + $25 for Mikveh Video