About Ohel Sara

Ohel Sara was created Le'iluy Nishmat the Isha Chashuvah, Sarah bat Mimon Ha'Kohen (The Rabanit's grandmother). She was a righteous woman who truly personified her namesake. Whatever she did in life, she did with the grace of a princess, a Bat Melech. We pray that every woman's good deeds that result from our holy endeavors, will give Sara bat Mimon an aliyah neshamah.

The objective of Ohel Sara is to spread a spiritual tent that teaches the fundamentals of Judaism to the women and young girls of Klal Yisrael so that they may reinforce their service to Hashem, strengthen their emunah in Torah and grow spiritually on all levels.

Ohel Sara is a mobile organization based in Brooklyn, New York and is open to every woman who wishes to expand her growth in Torah study. Wherever Torah is needed and wanted, we are there, ready and willing to inspire. We host exciting events, provide Coaching Classes, private Torah sessions and much more. We attempt to elevate every Jewish woman's neshamah to an exalted level of observance and closeness to Hashem. Ohel Sara is there for you every step of the way and beyond.

This is the reason why this amazing site was created.

The Midrash states: “In the merit of righteous women our forefathers were redeemed from Egypt and in their merit we will be redeemed in the future.” Let us hope that all the learning and inspiration that is drawn from this beautiful site, will help bring Mashiach speedily in our days.

Rabanit Kineret Sarah Cohen is known in the Jewish music world as the foremost orthodox female Jewish performer. Not only does she use her “voice” to create joy in the hearts of women through her singing - but through her power of speech she lectures and spreads Torah all over the world.

The Rabanit’s objective is to instill into the hearts and souls of Jewish women a love for Torah, for Hashem and to strengthen their emunah and bitachon.

Born in Eretz Yisrael, the Rabanit is of Sefardik descent (Morrocan). She grew up in New York in the Ashkenazic circles and developed a deep connection to the teachings of Chasidut and Musar. Due to her diverse upbringing, she is able to connect, teach and understand women who come from any background or religious affiliation.

Renowned Rabbis, Rabbi David Abuchatzera (shlit”a), Rabbi David Chananyah Pinto (shlit”a), Rav Ovadyah Yosef (a”h), Rav Moshe Ben-Moshe (shlit”a) and Rav Moshe Chai Siman Tov (a”h) have encouraged her to proceed forward in this mission of ruchaniyut and have blessed her journey.

Rabanit Kineret Sarah Cohen is a certified C.B.T. Therapist and Life Coach who  has helped women unlock their hidden potential, strengths and talents as they experience life’s challenges.

For more information about a C.B.T. or Life Coaching Session please call the Ohel Sara office at (718) 813-9193 (USA), 02-544-0979 (Israel), or email info@ohelsara.com.