The Mitzvah Of Kisuy Rosh

Many women wonder about the mitzvah of Kisuy Rosh – the halachot, the minhagim, the controversy vis a vis the world of sheitels. In this section, you will enter the world of Rishonim and Acharonim and discover what they ruled concerning this topic. You will attain a broader view concerning a topic that unfortunately many women are not aware of. You will also be able to shop for various head coverings and accessories.

Information included in this section is to create an awareness of the halachot (laws) and the magnitude of this precious mitzvah. We encourage women to continue to learn and to research the matter and to make their decision based on the information they gathered and a psak halachah from their Rabbi.

Ladies, we have to admit that one of the ailments of this generation that has affected Am Yisrael, is the lack of sensitivity for kedushah and Yahadut. I think it’s time for all of us to ban together just like the nashim tzadkaniyot did all those years ago in Mitzrayim and it’s time for us to take a stand.

Let us try to restore the Kedushat Am Yisrael and restore the crowning glory of purity and return it to its rightful place. Let us infuse the multitude of women out there with more yirat shamayim. Currently and unfortunately there are many more women who cover their hair with immodest sheitels while the women who cover their hair with a kisuy are the minority.

If many more women would gather the strength to do what is right and just in the eyes of Hashem – then slowly but surely, we will become the overwhelming majority. Perhaps our strict adherence to the law will provide other women the inspiration needed to make a spiritual change that will benefit their neshamah and their families.

A Story Told By Ha’Gaon Ha’Tzadik Rav Shalom Shvadron (a”h)

“I want to tell you a true story and I wish it was not a true story. Twenty-five years ago a girl came to our house and spoke to my wife for four hours. While I was sitting and learning, I thought to myself that any person that speaks for four hours must need a drink.

I told my wife, ‘Perhaps give this girl a drink and something to eat?”

The girl heard me and said to my wife, “It’s not necessary. I’m going home and I’ll eat and drink at my home.”

When she said that I realized this girl is married and has a husband. So why does she look like a girl? Do you think it’s funny? It’s not funny! They look like unattached women…”