How To Strengthen The Bond After Many Years Of Marriage

Be Present
If we put all our energy into our jobs, our children, and friends, there may not be much left for our spouse. Years go by and we don’t realize how much time together we missed. Beyond being sure that we are present physically, we must also concentrate on connecting emotionally.

Just because you are married doesn’t mean that you don’t feel lonely. There are husbands and wives who assume that their spouses are there for the world but never for them. They feel neglected emotionally and physically.

Being present also means that we put away our smart phones demonstrating to our spouse that we are engaged. Having a conversation without eye contact is disrespectful to the relationship. The message is clear- the text you’re looking at is more interesting than your spouse. Try to show that you don’t take your spouse for granted.

Find the Passion
Ask yourself what you can do to keep the spark of romance alive? Make the decision to become the initiator. Be the one to plan a night out, surprise your spouse with loving notes and texts, think of an activity you can both engage in that will bring new energy and laughter to your day. If you feel that you have fallen into a routine don’t just let it slide. Be proactive in strengthening your love.

Communicate Effectively
When we bottle up our emotions, when we speak with sarcasm or negativity, we stop communicating effectively. Negativity creeps in and destroys the bond. Over the years the damage done can make the love wither away and die. There is no such thing as never disagreeing with your partner but you must concentrate on communicating your thoughts effectively.

Spouses who keep score, who would rather be right than happy, refuse to give in, and they create devastation through words and actions that they later regret. It’s crucial to think about the way we speak to one another, both in good times and during challenging moments. Respectful communication brings us closer. Look for moments to show kindness through words and actions.

If we take the time to think positively about our husbands and wives and all the good that marriage brings, we can actively create a lifetime of love and commitment.