Prayer To Merit Living in The Holy Land

(Composed By Rabee Natan a”h – From His Work, Likutei Tefilah)

“Hashem, G-d, merciful and gracious, longsuffering and abundant in goodness and truth.” In Your bountiful mercy let me merit and all of Israel to have real desires, yearnings and longings to come to the Land of Israel, until I merit, in Your bountiful mercy and immense loving-kindness to manage to turn these desires into deeds, to travel and reach the Land of Israel, the holy Land, because of my very great distance from You and because of the immenseness of my materiality, the crookedness in my heart and the confusion of my mind. Because of all this I need to be in the Land in which the primary pillar of the source of holy belief exists. There, is found the root of the generality of the holiness of Israel. It is the Land which the Lord chose for His Chosen People, Israel.

It is the Land which G-d always cares for, the Land of true life, eternal life; a desirable, good and spacious land which You gave to our fathers as an inheritance in favour, a land in which is found the “city of our G-d, the Mount of His Sanctuary. Fair in situation, the joy of all the land”. Please Lord, merciful One, full of compassion; charitable One, full of loving-kindness. Good One who is full of good, Tzaddik, full of righteousness. Savior, full of deliverance. Do good with me, as is Your desire. Let me merit, out of compassion and loving-kindness and as a gift, to come very quickly to the Land of Israel, the holy Land, the Land which our forefathers inherited, the land in which all the true tzaddikim really desired and longed to be. Most of them came there and rectified whatever they did and merited to whatever they merited, accomplishing everything through the holiness of the Land of Israel which is the focal point of holiness of the whole world. Abraham, the Patriarch, worked and strived very many years to get there.

He beheld, saw, understood, searched, sealed, cut out, measured and counted until G-d revealed to him the holy Land, which is the foundation of the focal point of holiness, the foundation of belief; He promised him to give it as an inheritance to his offspring and their descendants in each of the generations. Therefore, have mercy upon us for Your Name’s sake. Even though I am completely and utterly despicable and worthless, in the merit and strength of Avraham and all the tzaddikim who merited to come to Israel, let me also merit quickly to skip and jump over all the obstacles, delays and disputes that prevent me from traveling to the Land of Israel. Let me break very quickly all the obstacles and come very speedily to the holy Land of Israel.