Prayer for the Redemption

(Composed By The Ramchal a”h)

May it be your will Hashem, our G-d and the G-d of our forefathers, that You shall receive With good will the prayers of Your people of Israel, which they have prayed to you throughout the generations everywhere in the world, particularly in the holy land of Israel. And in the merit of these prayers You shall tilt the scale of merit to redeem Your nation of Israel a complete redemption with kindness and mercy, with miracles and wonders.

And You shall subjugate under You the kingdom of blood which is the kingdom of Edom and the kingdom of Yishmael. In the merit of all the true righteous individuals who lived until this day and in the merit of all the righteous who are with us today. In the merit that we yearn to see Your complete redemption – please G-d, send us promptly Eliyahu the prophet, Your servant, and the King Mashiach and crown him on the people of Israel and upon the entire world.

Please G-d, do not return our prayers empty because we put our trust in You. Please answer us and do not delay Your response – for Your salvation I yearn. May my words and contemplation of my heart be received with good will – G-d my rock and my redeemer.