Prayer That Promotes Happiness

(Elu Devarim / These Are The Items – From the Mishnah Of Peah)

Note: Chachamim teach that through the engagement of these various items, one can begin to attain happiness. The world of asiyah, positive actions and good deeds gladdens the heart.  And the study of Torah which leads to the knowledge and understanding of life, as well as invigorates to actively participate in the creation on a deeper and more profound level, certainly creates happiness and surpasses them all)

These are the things that have no limits. A person enjoys their fruit in this world, and lives upon their principal in the world to come.  And they are:

Honoring one’s father and mother; performing acts of love and kindness; arriving at the house of study punctually mornings as well as evenings; showing hospitality to guests; visiting the sick; providing charity for a couple about to marry; seeing to the needs of the deceased; praying with devotion; being a peacemaker between man and his fellow man; and the study of Torah is equivalent to them all (leads to all the others).