Prayer Against the Evil Eye

With the help of G-d the Almighty, He Who heals all who are ill, may He relieve you of all pain and negative experiences that befell you from the Predatory Gaze – whether you are a man or woman, old or young – may your body and soul not be harmed yet, neither your lungs or heart. Eliyahu Ha’Navi encountered the Angel Astribuda.  Said Eliyahu to him: “Where are you going?” To which he replied: “I want to go to (insert the person’s name i.e. Sara the daughter of Miriam) and [eat] his limbs and flesh and drink his blood” — to which Eliyahu said to him: “Very well, but you have no permission to drink all the water, and you no longer have permission to harm him, nor his body, nor any one of his limbs – [even] in the smallest region of the entire world.

If someone directed against him a Predatory Gaze, may it not harm him in the daytime nor by night time, for we are all the children of Yosef the Righteous, so we cannot direct the Predatory Gaze — so may it not harm you either; and by the count of nine may the Blessed One heal you, and may you recover this very hour; this is the truth, in G-d’s name, Amen Selah!