Prayer For Rain

Our G-d and the G-d of our forefather remember Avraham who flowed to You like water. You blessed him like a tree planted by streams of water. You rescued him from fire and water. He passed Your test by planting good deeds by every source of water. For Avraham’s sake, do not keep back water.

Remember Yitzchak, whose birth was foretold when Avraham offered the angels a little water. You asked his father to spill his blood like water. In the desert Yitzchak dug and found wells of water.

For Yitzchak’s sake, do not keep back water. Remember Yaakov, who crossed the Jordan’s water. He bravely rolled the stone off the mouth of the well of water. He wrestled with an angel made of fire and water, and therefore You promised to be with him through fire and water.

For Yaakov’s sake do not keep back water.

Remember Moshe, who was drawn in a reed basket out of the Nile’s water. Who helped Yitro’s daughters: He drew water and gave the sheep water. He struck the rock and out came water. For Moshes’ sake do not hold back water!

Remember Aharon, the High Priest, who, on Yom Kippur, washed himself five times with water, He prayed and was sprinkled with purifying water. He kept apart from a people who were as unstable as water. For Aharon’s sake do not hold back water.

Remember the Twelve Tribes whom You brought through the divided waters; For whom You sweetened bitter waters; Their descendants’ blood was spilled like water.

Turn to usG-d, who are surrounded by troubles like water.

For the Jewish people’s sake, do not hold back water. You are Adonai, our G-d Who causes the wind to blow and the rain to fall. For blessing and not for curse. Amen.

For life and not for death. Amen.

For plenty and not for lack. Amen.