Prayer For Heartfelt Faith

(Composed By Rabee Natan a”h – From His Work, Likutei Tefilah)

Master of the World, merit us to perform the mitzvah of “And you shall love Hashem your G-d with all your heart” which is the source of all the mitzvot. May I engage in studying Torah a lot and serve Torah scholars. Merit me to carry out business affairs with faith such that the Name of Heaven becomes loved through me. By this, enable me to reach a spiritual level which is above time and to achieve expanded consciousness. As a result, merit me to pray with great concentration and a pure mind. Merit me to holy eyes and a pure and very clear power of vision such that through this alone I will be able to look at something with wisdom and intelligence and with perfect faith.

Let me believe that in each object there are letters and holy sparks. By this looking, may all the sparks rise that are clothed in the object so they return to their source in the aspect of “Engraved like a signet ring, Holy to G-d.” And from the letters and sparks may words be made and by these holy words bestow much good to the House of Israel for this is Your main delight, so to speak. Have mercy on all the letters and holy sparks which are in a deep exile and speedily redeem them for Your Name’s sake until Your glory is lifted up and exalted.