Prayer For Sweetening Judgments

(Composed By Rav Aharon Roth [Shomer Emunim] a”h – From His Work, Hashgachah Peratit)

I believe with complete faith that this anguish and agony that has come to me is Divine Providence that came from You Hashem – and I accept it with love. [And I understand] that all this has come upon me because of my many sins. And You G-d are righteous in everything You apportion to me. For You deal in truth, but I have sinned.

And may it be Your will, that these troubles be an atonement for all my many sins and may it atone for Am Yisrael. And if it were strict justice that needs to be met, I would need to recount in full detail, and to repent, and confess, concerning the sins and wrongdoings that due to them all these troubles have come upon me.

But it is revealed and known before You [G-d], that I do not know the extent of what I have done and only You know. Therefore, may it be Your will my Father in Heaven, that You erase, and uproot the sins, the indiscretions, and crimes that caused my troubles.

And may all the judgments that are upon me be sweetened, and also upon all the house of Yisrael, forever, Amen.

Note: The Holy Shomer Emunim wrote the following addition: “One who will recite the above prayer will have the merit to have all the judgments be sweetened and reversed to good – and that all one’s troubles will be regarded as an atonement for his sins. And this is especially true if one accustoms himself to reciting this prayer regularly after having transgressed even minutely. There is no measure to the pleasure that we provide Hashem through this, and great happiness is disseminated throughout the upper realms. For the way of Hashem is to often test man in his faith in Him, and if man strengthens his faith in G-d – then even if a harsh decree has been pronounced upon him G-d forbid, the judgment upon him will be sweetened.”