Teaching Your Child To Maintain Long Distance Friendships

There are numerous enjoyable ways of keeping in touch with long distance friends. Do not agree to old friendships thrill, renew them and keep them alive. It is important to maintain a relationship with friends. Maintaining a long distance relationship requires a cognizant effort in a hectic world full of family and career tasks.

What you need?

  • Friend’s schedule.
  • Friend’s address and phone number.
  • Greeting cards, stationary or email capability.

Advice for keeping in touch with long-distance friends
Keeping in touch with long distance friends can be very difficult but it is important to give a respect, special concern for friends living far away. Consider a few of these ideas and tips for keeping in touch with them.

  • Your life becomes extremely engaged following high-school or college. Then you become occupied with your job, family, husband and various hobbies. But spending time with friends becomes virtually impossible. Try to avoid these excuses because they can create a distance in your friendships.
  • Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone for a reason. Although you are busy with your daily schedule and it is difficult to pick up the phone each time, try and call your friends at least once a week.
  • Cards and notes are a great way to stay in touch with friends who do not have access to e-mail, but yet care about you and want to hear from you. Include photos of yourself and family members.
  • Remember birthdays. Mark the dates on your calendar and send a birthday card for those special days. Your friends will be touched that you remembered, especially knowing how engaged you are.

As you can see, keeping in touch with friends is not such a task, if you commit a small piece of your life to it. Friendships are satisfying and losing them is sad. A true friendship is a wonderful blessing and it should last forever. Be true to your friends and keep in touch.