I Wish My Child Came With Instructions

Often times when there is an existing problem in family relationships it cannot always be solved over one counseling session or a 45-minute phone call. However, parents should not feel discouraged or disappointed if, after applying some of the child-rearing tools you receive in these articles, you are still unsuccessful in solving the issues. Unlike a physical ailment that can be treated with medication, there is no universal formula that solves child-raising difficulties.

Problems with child raising is like a heart condition. It can be easily treated if the diagnose is caught early on. If not, major surgery may be required.

However, by utilizing the guidelines and strategies we advise you with in these articles, if you are in the early stages of parenting, you still have a good chance of repairing the issue sooner than later – depending on the circumstance. As parents, you could prevent the ongoing chinuch problems from developing further. I will illustrate with a story:

In the middle of a busy street in Chelm, there was a large pit that caused many injuries as the townspeople constantly fell into it. Although a small fence was constructed around the pit to protect the people – many ignored the fence and continued to fall into the hole.

One of the town’s wise men found a “brilliant” solution: “Let’s build a hospital next to the pit. In this way, anyone who falls into the pit will receive instant treatment.”

Upon hearing this, someone in the town yelled out, “You fool! Instead of building a hospital, why don’t you simply fill up the hole?”

Ideally, parents should choose a specific topic that they feel is a problem in their household – and then work together to apply and implement the principles or techniques that can help solve the problem. And when you have succeeded in a particular area, you can move on to something else.