Disrespect, Bad Attitude & Talking Back

It seems that many parents of teenagers complain of disrespect. The degree to which children persist in displaying disrespectful behaviors and attitudes rests primarily in how you as parents respond. It is impossible to force your children to be respectful. What is possible, however, is to teach them that respectful behavior will serve them and that disrespectful behavior will not. How do you do this? Below are some helpful tips and advice.

Your attitude and philosophy is an essential ingredient. If your child speaks to you with disrespect and you expend the energy to try to get them to change their attitude, you are, in essence, teaching them that the world will really care about their attitude. If they are disrespectful to their boss, they will lose their job. If they treat their customers with disrespect, the customers will not come back. If they are disrespectful and rude to their friends, they will lose quality friends. It is essential that you model for your children what life will ultimately teach them.

You want your children to learn early in life that disrespect comes with consequences in life.

Teaching Respect Requires More From Parents Than Children

1. It is essential to have the attitude that you cannot force respect or agreeable behavior. Thus, in this moment of disrespect, you must be able to accept that this is happening, even though you do not approve.

2. Teach your child that disrespectful behavior will not get them what they want. Ignore words spoken in a disrespectful fashion. Engage your child when they speak respectfully to you. Do not correct their disrespect. The more you do so, the more disrespectful they will become.

3. Immediately acknowledge your child for respectful, calm, and appropriate interactions. Smile, look at them, and compliment them on their mature behavior.

4. Disrespectful behavior is never rewarded with children getting what they want. Do not give in just because your child relentlessly pursues you to change your mind. Make certain that you stay the course.