Raising Religious & Resilient Children – Part 9

Before the days of GPS and Waze, we would drive around and lose our way. It’s during those moments that children often remind their parents that they are not really lost. We are merely in the place Hashem wants us to be.

As the children get older, they extended this concept to other parts of their lives. So often we find ourselves in situations that we never imagined. Recognizing that Hashem masterminds everything can help us cope through challenging times. In general, it is much easier to navigate these difficulties when the emotional relationship with Hashem is solidified by a history of His intimate closeness and personal care.

Even when this foundation is in place, the cementing of the relationship is tefilah. Parents should daven for their children every day. The more specific your prayers are, the better. In the morning prayers, parents should request that their children find the ways of Torah to be sweet and pleasant. Parents should pray for the success of their children.

Rabbi Shimshon Pincus (a”h) teaches that children are born from the tears of their mothers. This is the “watering” of their success throughout life. Taking children to the doctor for ear and throat infections are little reminders to keep davening for every detail of their lives. Our tefilot should not be kept a secret.  Our children need to know that we daven for them! Children should understand that davening doesn’t only take place in front of the Shabat candles, but at all times throughout the week.

When your daughter comes home from school and you ask her how she did on her test, mention that you davened that she should succeed. We are living in a generous that is tumultuous. The best protection a parent can offer his child is a heartfelt tefilah and the shedding of tears.

So when you ask yourselves, “Was I successful in raising my children?” You will find the answer in them. As you watch your children raising their children, and the grandchildren raising the following generation – you will  be able to answer the question. Until then, you should continue to daven.