Teaching Your Child To Be More Optimistic

There are many people who are extremely positive about things. They are always looking at the bright side and there are some of us who hardly ever do! Some of us are ready for failure while others are saying things like, “Well, we didn’t win but we did our best and that is a great feeling!” This attitude sounds like one we should learn to adopt. How then can we begin to get our kids to travel the road towards the land of optimism? Here are some simple tips.

1. Teach your child to focus on the GOOD and stop thinking about the BAD: It is not always easy, but they just need to learn to do it. If something is not going their way, just teach them to look it at from another perspective. Tell them to think about how the bad thing is making them stronger or how it is causing other things which might even be good thing, to happen. Tell them to think of all the good they have in their life.

2. Teach your child to be resilient: Just because you lose a game does NOT mean you are a loser. Teach your child to remember that there is always next time! A child should learn to bounce back from bad situations. This goes with focusing on the good. When a child learns not dwell on bad things and to move on – he is a happier camper!

3. Smile!: Smiling does wonders. Teach them to smile because it will make them feel very good inside.