Raising Religious & Resilient Children – Part 6

The pasuk in Yirmiyahu Ha’Navi states [7:28]: “Faith was lost, it was eliminated from their mouths.”

The Alter of Kelm (a”h) explains that faith is lost when “it is eliminated from our mouths,” that is, when we don’t constantly talk about Hashem. It is so important for parents to connect with Hashem all the time. When discussing financial success or any good fortune, it is important to show gratitude to Hashem. And when faced with challenges, we need to acknowledge that this too is from Hashem; a challenge is a message from shamayim to introspect and to learn from the experience.

When Hashem is “part of the family” and an intrinsic part of one’s life, the child will be open to learning what the Torah expects from him. A year of study in Israel for example, shows young adults that a Torah lifestyle is real; it’s not just a theory. We all desire purpose and spirituality. Deep down we all need structure and meaning in our life.

Imagine a family that comes together at the dinner table and shares a Devar Torah about emunah. Such a family is nourished intellectually and emotionally by the heightened awareness of Hashem. This family feels Hashem not only on Shabat or in shul, but in all aspects of life. As parents the mission should be: “placing Hashem in front of us at all times.”

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