Are there any special minhagim for the 25th of Elul?

Rav Benayahu Shemueli outlines several specific customs that should be observed on this day. Before sundown on the evening before the 25th of Elul, one should immerse in a mikveh. He should first immerse for the purpose of eliminating the Ru’ach Ra’ah (evil spirit), and then a second time as a Tikun (rectification) for the sin of anger. Thereafter, one should immerse five times corresponding to the five times the word “Ohr” (“light”) is mentioned in the story of creation, thereby bringing upon oneself the special “light” of chesed that abounds on this special day. One should be especially careful to avoid anger throughout the night and day of the 25th of Elul and abstain from idle chatter. One should try to eat sweet treats on this day, as we commemorate the beginning of the world’s creation and thus hope to bring sweetness into the new year.

It is proper to give large amounts of charity on this day as well. The husband or wife should light five special candles on this day corresponding to the five “lights” of kindness that came into existence on the first day of creation.

Each day from the 25th of Elul through Rosh Hashanah, one should read the pesukim in the Torah that speak about that day’s creation.

Although the entirety of the month of Elul is an especially auspicious time for teshuvah and kedushah, there is unique significance to the final week, when we commemorate the world’s creation. This is a time of special divine kindness and we should take advantage of this unique opportunity by observing these minhagim to the best of our ability.