Purim Segulot

The following is written in the book, Segulot Yisrael: “A Kabalistic giant said that it is extremely virtuous to wake up very early on the morning of Purim and to recite as many prayers and request before Hashem. You can ask for anything and everything: health, sustenance, redemption etc.. one of the Rebbes of Gur (a”h) wrote that “Purim is an auspicious time for everyone and each person can request of Hashem that He grant their hearts desire. For this is what is written in the holy Zohar, that Purim is great than the Day of Atonement (Yom Kipur).”

The holy Rabbi Tzadok Ha’Kohen of Lublin (zt”l) wrote: “Since on Purim the Jews merited to live despite the decree of death [that was sanctioned in the Heavens], therefore, one can help to redeem the barren women and men on Purim.”

The Gaon Rabbi Eliezer Diskind (zt”l) wrote: “It is worthy for every person to enumerate and recount the miracle of the Purim story and all the wonders [surrounding it] to his family member…for as a result of recounting the miracle with joy – you cause a great joy to be felt in the heavenly worlds, a tremendous joy that is immeasurable and Hashem boasts about you in the heavens.”

The Gaon and Righteous Rabbi of Israel the Rama (z”tl) wrote: “One should learn Torah prior to the Purim meal! And it is a worthy act to send Mishloach Manot specifically to someone whom you have had a disagreement with – and this creates a situation where love is multiplied and togetherness is established – and this causes a unique pleasure to Hashem Yitbarach.

One should place a white tablecloth on the table that the Purim meal will be eaten and light 2 festive candles. The pure table of a Jew has the ability to cancel out the [wicked] table of Achashverosh. Following the Tefilah of Minchah one begins his Purim meal. This meal circumvents and atones the sin that the Jews were involved in when they attended Achashverosh’s party and ate from his table. It is virtuous to purchase a beautiful and long challah for the Purim meal (which reminds us of the tree that Haman was hung on).

Prior to the Purim meal try and recite Chapter 23 of Tehilim and you can request all your heart’s desires.