Chanukah Lighting

The mitzvah of lighting the Chanukah candles should be done in a place where the public eye can see the candles burn. This is considered as though we are advertising the miracle of Chanukah to the entire world. If a person has a window that faces the public domain he should light the menorah on that window sill. If there is no window that faces the public domain one can light the Menorah near the entrance of the house in such a manner that the Menorah is on the left side of the entrance while the mezuzah is on the right. In this way, you are surrounded by the mitzvot.

Note: All the tefilot in this section contain Hashem's name and are to be treated with the utmost caution and respect. If you choose to print any of the tefilot for one time use, please be sure to place the tefilah in genizah and not chas ve'shalom discard in a trash can.