Bedikat Chametz & Burning Of Chametz

(On the eve prior to Pesach we check our homes for chametz. We begin this process at the onset of the night. We are not permitted to eat or drink half an hour prior to the onset of night. The custom is to disperse  throughout the home 10 little packets of bread that the one who searches can find. A person who does not search for bread and find the packets does not fulfill the mitzvah of Bedikat Chametz and the berachah he makes when he burns the bread the following morning is considered null and void. )

Prior to Bedikat Chametz we recite the following words:

Note: All the tefilot in this section contain Hashem's name and are to be treated with the utmost caution and respect. If you choose to print any of the tefilot for one time use, please be sure to place the tefilah in genizah and not chas ve'shalom discard in a trash can.