Pesach Campaign

Purim Visits and The Etz Ha’chaim Campaign

On Purim, I made it my mission to visit every community where my talmidot in New York and New Jersey reside (I apologize that I wasn’t able to make it the other communities outside NY).

I wanted the talmidot to know how much I appreciate their efforts and commitment to Torah learning and wished to distribute small mishluchei manot to them and their children.
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Pesach Campaign

Purim Party 2017

This past Adar, (March 6, 2017), Ohel Sara hosted a grand celebration in honor of Chag Purim and the one year anniversary of shiurim for the new group that was established in Flatbush, Brooklyn.

The Rabanit is always happy when new groups of women begin to organize Torah classes, and Baruch Hashem, this new group, (one of many) has made its bi-monthly commitment to attend shiurim.

The group was started by two young Bucharian women who decided that they wanted the women in their community to attain more chizuk and learn more about Torah and our mesorah.

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