Purim Party 2017

This past Adar, (March 6, 2017), Ohel Sara hosted a grand celebration in honor of Chag Purim and the one year anniversary of shiurim for the new group that was established in Flatbush, Brooklyn.

The Rabanit is always happy when new groups of women begin to organize Torah classes, and Baruch Hashem, this new group, (one of many) has made its bi-monthly commitment to attend shiurim.

The group was started by two young Bucharian women who decided that they wanted the women in their community to attain more chizuk and learn more about Torah and our mesorah.

The Purim Party honored this momentous occasion of one year of Torah learning and spiritual elevation. The party was a blast! The venue was decorated in a festive Purim mode. The tables were laden with delicious food. No buffet! Could you believe it? The Rabanit made sure that every woman had a seat at a table and that she was served an individual meal, like at a wedding!

The mood was such a happy one. All the women who attended, (110 because we had no more space), were of diversified backgrounds and religious affiliation. It felt like kibutz galuyot. And they all danced together as one and were be’simchah as one.

There was lively music which everyone danced to. The Rabanit delivered a beautiful speech about the power of our spiritual mission in the world and how much strength we have as women. And then she carried the entire night with singing, dancing and so much more.

We played musical chairs, were inspired by the tefilot and the grand kumzits at the end. We all had such a wonderful time. But most of all, we were elevated and everyone walked out on a spiritual high.

It was also so beautiful to see how everyone there, no matter what background they were from or where they were holding in life spiritually and religiously, all the women there felt a closeness and a connection to the Rabanit.

We are including a few pictures and a few clips for you to see what an amazing time we had. Hopefully next time, you will all join us.