Rabee Meir Baal Ha’nes Seudah For Women

This past Wednesday night Ohel Sara hosted an amazing Yahrtzeit Seudah for the famed Rabbi Meir Baal Ha’nes (a”h). Rabanit Cohen honored us by hosting the event in her home and we squeezed as many women as we could into a small living room area. It felt like the walls were expanding as more and more women attended. Unfortunately, because there was only so much place in the living room many more women who wished to attend could not.

The event was packed with so much inspiration. First of all, the Rabanit and her friends cooked the home made food that was served that evening – and let me tell you, it was out of this world! The tables were set beautifully and every woman had a plate of salad with a roll and a piece of matzah waiting for her (we celebrated Pesach Sheni as well). We all washed so we had the full mitzvah of the seudah. There were delicious dips and yummy extras on the table – and we had the opportunity to meet new women from the neighborhood. The evening began with the Rabanit’s inspirational speech about the life of Rabee Meir and information about Pesach Sheni. She also spoke about the different lifestyles out there in the world – and how Torah is a lifestyle that’s incomparable to anything else.

After the speech, we had a mini kumzits where the Rabanit sang with us and amazed us with her vocal talents. And then we recited a special tefilah in memory of the tzadik Rabbi Meir followed by the awe-inspiring Kabalat Ohl Malchut Shamayim which the Rabanit lead – oh boy that tefilah really penetrates the heart. We all gave tzedakah. It was just an amazing experience.

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The highlight of the event was when a young girl opened up to all of us and explained that she was once religious but not anymore. She cried telling us that this evening touched her soul and heart in a very deep way and then she took upon herself to recite the bracha, “She’hakol nihiyah bidvaro.” We were all crying with her. The Rabanit then proceeded to auction off a wine bottle for this young girl as a zchus that she should find her zivug bekarov. We all jumped at the chance to do this chesed and within seconds the wine bottle was auctioned off for tzedakah.

What an evening it was. I have never been to such a yahrtzeit seudah! We thank the Rabanit and all the people who cooked, shlepped, baked, bought and sponsored this event and we hope to continue to join and be inspired. I am attaching pictures for you to see.

S. Kluger