Purim Party 2018

Our Annual 2018 Purim Party was a blast. The evening began with a heart-to-heart talk by one of our endeared members of Ohel Sara, Tova Mashiyeva who spoke about her feelings concerning the organization, her experiences and how much inspiration she drew in her life and the life of her children. This heartwarming speech was followed by a beautiful welcoming of the Rabanit Kineret Sarah Cohen who was greeted by a loud round of applause and with gifts for her dedication to the women and Torah learning. The Rabanit proceeded to give an amazing but short shiur on the power of Purim and the strength of the woman.

And then, we all stood up as the Rabanit led the recitation of Tehilim. We sang to music the pesukim of David Ha’melech and the air was filled with an electricity and aura of holiness that we all felt. Following, the tefilot, we ate the first portions of a delicious meal that was served and then the evening continued with dancing, singing, and celebration.

We played musical chairs which was so much fun. We all felt like teenagers again. And then we moved on to the adorable costume contest where some of the women featured their original costumes. There was a young woman who dressed up as a laundry basket! How original is that? Another woman who came as “Cookie Balboa” and was dressed like a boxer. But the one who took home the prize, was our dear Chaya Synder, who dressed up as the most original doctor we ever saw!

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The night continued with more dancing and fun activities, dessert and then we all sat around to end the evening in a heart-warming kumzits led by the Rabanit. We left on such a high and with a feeling of joy as we proceeded into the holiday. One of my teenage girls who doesn’t like joining any “adult event” came to me and said, “Mommy, I had such an amazing time. Whenever the Rabanit makes an event, please tell me because I want to come!”

Yehudit Nisanov, Queens NY