Lecture Donation Opportunities

A designated lecture can be sponsored in honor of a dearly departed family member, for the merit of a speedy recovery, for those who need a soulmate, for women who long to have a child, for financial success, or the general well-being of your family.  Whenever the lecture is watched anywhere in the world it will create a merit for you as well as the person you dedicated it to.

Donations can be made using PayPal or with a credit card.
You will have an opportunity to add a dedication before finalizing your donation.

Parshah Lecture

Holiday Lecture

Event Lecture

Partner in a Lecture

Sponsorships over $500.00 can be made in installments. Please call us at 718-813-9193 to make arrangements.

To Donate by check

Please make check payable to "Ohel Sara Cong." and mail to:

Ohel Sara
c/o Cohen
2052 62nd Street
Brooklyn, NY 11204

All Ohel Sara Donations are considered ma’aser and tax deductible (registered 501(c)3 not for profit organization)